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Pueblo family missing Mary

Pueblo family missing Mary statue

PUEBLO, Colo. - A family in Pueblo is searching for a piece of their faith.

A Virgin Mary statue that has stood next to the Montelongo's porch for years went missing sometime during the night on August 8th or early August 9th.

"I came to tell my wife and she asked why are you so sad?  I said look, it's gone," said 90-year-old Domingo Montelongo.  "I'm devastated."

Domingo and his wife Sadie and five generations of family are used to walking by the statue daily.

"It's just a statue but that thing it represents, protection.  I feel real sad," Sadie Montelongo said.

There is a lot to protect…the immediate family down to great-great grandchildren number around 90.

"If the people that took it need it, go ahead and keep it.  But take good care of her because we miss her a lot," Sadie said.

If not, the family just asks that whoever took it will just bring her back, no questions asked.

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