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Pueblo Farmer Could Face Felony Charges

Felony Charge Against Man Responsible For Fire

PUEBLO, Colo - The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office wants the district attorney to file charges against a farmer who accidentally started a brush fire on Monday.

82-year-old Tony Martellaro could be charged with a felony for starting the fire at the St. Charles River Bottom. While the sheriff may have made up his mind, some of those who almost lost their homes in the blaze have mixed opinions.

The day of the fire was a red flag warning, meaning no burning. Some said it was a warning he should have paid attention to, while others said it was an innocent mistake. Many are just glad no one was hurt and no homes lost.

"I think it was more of an accident than on purpose," said Kristal Kinney.

An accident that could have cost many their homes, but Kinney was worried about something else.

"Honestly I could care less about the house. I was worried about getting my animals out. It takes awhile to get six horses loaded into a trailer." said Kinney.

Police kept Kristal and her dad, Frank, out of their home during the fire.

"It was a relatively small fire, but there were some houses that were in danger," said Frank Kinney.

The Kinneys are glad everyone is safe.

Meanwhile, Frank offers a simple reminder to all those who live in rural areas and burn.

"Even if you've done it a million times, you still can't get complacent," he said.

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