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Pueblo group rallies for "Black Hills Black Heart" protest

Pueblo group rallies for "Black Hills Black Heart" protest

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Black Hills Energy customers are outraged by how much they pay for their power, so, on Sunday, they took their message to the streets.

Dozens rallied for a "Black Hills Black Heart" event, outside the Black Hills facility in Pueblo.

They say rates are 30 to 70% above the state average for some customers, and it's too much.

"About 17 people a day are getting power disconnected, of which 7 are not getting their power turned back on. That's a huge burden," said Scott Estep, a solar developer.

The group says their message is simple. They are determined to show the company they want change, and won't stop until it happens.

"Black Hills is really keeping Pueblo repressed," Estep added.

Black Hills representative Julie Rodriguez tells KRDO Newschannel 13, "We don't feel like defacing city sidewalks with graffiti is the answer. We are willing to work with them on their concerns on bills and electric rates."

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