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Pueblo neighborhood on alert after child abuse investigation

Neighbors react to couple's arrest

PUEBLO, Colo. - A Pueblo toddler is in critical condition after falling down a flight of stairs.

But police say there's evidence of further injury, and a couple has been charged with child abuse.

A case worker from Pueblo County Social Services was visiting the girl at Memorial Hospital Friday.

According to an arrest affidavit, the little girl is recovering from bruising, cuts, bleeding in the eyes, injuries to her legs and head trauma.

The document also shows text messages between her foster parents that outline months of abuse.

Neighbors can't believe it.

"Really, quiet. They remained to themselves," said Kami Scott.

Neighbors were shocked to learn the alleged abuse was happening right on their street.

"I didn't even realize a child was living there. I saw other people there, but thought they were relatives or friends just stopping by," Anita Shiner said. "I didn't realize a child actually lived there."

Police were alerted to the abuse after the girl's foster parents, Sarah and Paul Finn, took her to the hospital.

"Officers were in talks with the staff at the hospital," said Sgt. Eric Gonzales, spokesman for Pueblo Police Department. "They determined the injuries weren't caused by a fall down the stairs but maybe some type of child abuse."

After searching the Finns' home, police discovered evidence of child abuse. The Finns were arrested and are now facing felony charges - Sarah for child abuse, Paul for withholding proper medical care.

While police and social services are both investigating, neighbors say they wish there had been more signs.

"It makes you feel bad, that you weren't paying attention, noticing," Shiner said. "Not to be nosey, but we all have to be aware of what's going on around us."

"I wish I would've known. I wish that my neighbors and I, we were more connected," Scott said. "More neighborly, but like I said, they were to themselves."

The little girl is making some progress in her recovery.

She has responded to stimulus tests doctors administered.

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