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Pueblo police deploy more officers for DUI enforcement

Thanksgiving weekend duty requires 24 additional officers

Pueblo Police Increase DUI Patrols

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo police will have the second-most officers devoted to DUI enforcement of any city in the state for the holiday weekend.

The Pueblo Police Department added an additional 24 officers through Sunday.
"There won't be any checkpoints," said police Sgt. Eric Gonzales.  "It's just going to be officers driving around and watching vehicles.  If officers (see a suspected DUI) they call those DUI officers and that gets the other officers back on the streets to do what they have to handle."    

The Police Department received grant money to pay for the extra officers.

Police also will increase patrols again starting Dec. 10 for the Christmas season.

Police patrols have also been added in Colorado Springs, and for state troopers between the Springs and Pueblo.

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