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Pueblo police warn of check fraud ring

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Pueblo Police Department is warning business owners about a check-fraud ring. Businesses that cash checks are specifically being targeted.

The suspected ring leader is Brittany Velarde, 26. Two felony warrants of $75,000 each have been issued for Velarde.

The Police Department says the fake checks look real and often include business logos. The forged checks also have real routing and account numbers, making it difficult to tell the check isn't real.

Police say businesses should verify a state-issued photo ID whenever someone tries to cash a check. Calling to verify the validity of a check can also save you grief and money. Police say you should look up the phone number of the business named on the check online or in the phone book instead of calling the number printed on the check.

Most of the forged checks are designed to look like payroll or third party checks. Businesses in Pueblo, Pueblo West, and other parts of southern Colorado have already been victims of fraud.

Anyone with information about this check-fraud ring is urged to call Pueblo police at 719-553-2502 or Pueblo CrimeStoppers at 542-7867.

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