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Pueblo rescue teams save stranded cat

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - It was a lucky day for one stray kitty when Martina Lang spotted the unfortunate feline trapped on a ledge at Liberty Point overlook on October 29. He had been there when she walked her dogs the day before as well, so Lang called Pueblo Animal Services Animal Law Enforcement for assistance. Officer Matthew Robertson saw the gray and white cat, later named Cliff, stuck about 20 feet down the side of a rock wall.

Seeing that Cliff was too far down to reach and could not move from the ledge on his own, Robertson called for help from the Pueblo West Fire Department. The fire department called the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office, which sent out deputies, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife for help. The rescue team tried many tactics to catch Cliff, including sending down a cat carrier and food, lowering a baited bag and sending a deputy repelling down in an attempt to catch the cat by hand.

The rescue team sent down a cat trap and left it there overnight in hopes that Cliff would take the bait. At 9 a.m. Tuesday,, the team recovered the trap with Cliff inside and pulled him to safety.

"The cat had no water and no food," said Matthew Robertson. "If we hadn't done something, it would have died there. It doesn't matter if it is a feral cat, or a pet cat or a dog, if an animal needs help, we are always here."

Cliff was taken to Pueblo Animal Services for examination. A feral cat, Cliff will be monitored for any health issues and eventually neutered. Pueblo Animal Services is currently looking for a feral cat colony manager who would be willing to incorporate Cliff into his or her colony.

See photos of the rescue here.

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