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Pueblo residents say water restrictions are too strict

Strict Water Restrictions for Pueblo Subdivision


Water restrictions in a Pueblo subdivision are keeping residents from watering outdoors, doing laundry and using their dishwashers.

"No flushing toilets, no swamp coolers, no outside watering, no washing your laundry," resident Melinda Ingo said.

Residents of the Zinno Subdivision in Pueblo County said they recently received a letter stating their new water restrictions. According to the letter, each household can use only 62 gallons of water a day. Exceeding that limit results in fines. Outdoor watering results in a $1,000 fine. A second violation of outdoor watering restrictions results in a customer's service  being shut off.

Residents said these are too strict to follow.

"There's no way I can live in fear every day," Ingo said. "I have four children. I have to do laundry, I have to do dishes."

The Joseph Corporation gets its water rights from the Colorado Water Protective and Development Association. In its letter to residents, it says the water restrictions come from the CWPDA.

But according to residents, the problem is how their neighborhood is being treated. A letter from the CWPDA refers to it as a farm unit.

David Stanford, utilities manager at the Joseph Corporation, said the area once was a farm unit. And that tapping into another water source would result in extremely high rates.

This isn't the first time residents have had issues with the water company. About three years ago, they went without water for days. Residents said at the time, they attempted to get their water service from the St. Charles Water Division, but it didn't work.

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