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Pueblo runner recounts hearing explosions

Pueblo runner recounts hearing explosions

Pueblo, COLO. - Two runners from Pueblo and a runner from Pueblo West are safe after two explosives went off near them at the Boston Marathon.

Meghann Devito-Hirsch, of Pueblo West, and Mark Gurule and John Highfill, of Pueblo, ran the Boston Marathon and finished before two explosions went off. Gurule says he and Highfill were about two blocks away when he heard what sounded like a bomb.

Hours after two bombs went off by the finish line, Mark's mom, Viola Gurule, remains glued to her TV. After Mark heard the explosions, he called his daughter, who was with Viola, to tell her he was safe.

"She said blast and we ran to the TV. And oh my God when I saw what had happened you know I said 'oh my God,'" Viola said.

It was Mark's second time competing in the Boston Marathon. He says it'll also be his last.

"It's something that you try so hard to get into and after today it's not that glorifying to me anymore," Mark said.

Viola's phone was ringing nonstop Monday, with friends and relatives wanting to know of her son- a son who she says dedicated the race to his father, who died last year.

"He told me before he left, 'mom, this time my dad's gonna be running with me,'" Viola said.

Viola says she's thankful her son's alive.

"I actually hit the wall about mile 25. I was running a 7:50 pace and I hit the wall and I even considered walking. Especially going up a hill," Mark said. "I kept telling myself, no. Just keep going. Just keep going."

Mark finished the race about 35 minutes before the first explosion. He says he has thought about what could have happened if he had decided to walk. He says he's just thankful that he didn't.

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