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Pueblo Salvation Army taking people in during snowy nights

PUEBLO, CO - For some in Pueblo, there's no place to call home during snowy nights. The Pueblo
Salvation  Army does everything it can to take people in on cold nights.

However, those who run it are worried about a reduction in services because of funds.

"I love this place," said Keith Deherrea.

It's hard for him to hold back tears when he talks about their help.

"They gave me a place to stay when I was cold, and food," said Deherrea.

Rose Mertz with the Pueblo Salvation Army wishes they could do more.

"When the temperature falls 32 degrees or below, we find that there's a lot of people who don't have a place to sleep," said Mertz.

Their is room for 50 people at the shelter.

That many have not stayed there this winter season, but if it gets colder, it's very likely the shelter could reach capacity.

They plan to stay open until April, but there are some concerns.

"We were $30,000 below our projections in the kettle drive this year," said Mertz.

The shortage of funds could mean a reduction in services.

"We would have to look at funding situations if we went beyond that," said Mertz.

For Deherrea, it's simple, "If someone needs hope, give them hope."

Some of the services include, a shelter, daily meals, and boxes of food to those who need it.
They don't know what services would be cut if they don't raise the funds.

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