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Pueblo South Football

The Colts have some style

Pueblo South Football

     The Pueblo South Colts are in for a hair-raising 2016, "A lot of people like it, but of course the older people look at it like I'm weird - don't know what I'm thinking. I like it though," says Gage Archuletta, a senior linebacker. Archuletta is turning heads with his haircut and with his move from quarterback to linebacker, "It's been rough at first coming from playing a completely different role, but like transitioning I think I've been doing pretty good. I love to hit so that hasn't been hard for me." They love Archuletta the linebacker, the hair takes some getting used to, "Pshh I don't know, I dig it. Goddard don't, but I dig it though it's pretty cool," says Kyren Zerger, senior defense end. 

      "Goddard" is head coach Ryan Goddard, who may not love the haircut but loves the grit, "This year our motto is GRIT. Obviously courage, resolve, strength and character, but take it further than that just great effort, great attitude, relentless attitude, intense passion, and team-first attitude."

     The Colts get their season started on Friday against Wheat Ridge.

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