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Pueblo standoff ends peacefully

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo Police say a standoff at a home near Mineral Palace Park ended peacefully Thursday night (1/16/14).

Police say it began around 8 p.m. when a woman called 9-1-1 and then hung up. Officers went to the home near 18th Street and Grande Avenue and knocked on the door. They say a man opened the door and pointed a gun at officers before going back inside.

A dispatcher talked to the man over the phone in an effort to calm him down. Police eventually backed away from the home and gave him some space. Officers left the area around 10:30 p.m.

Police say that in situations like this, if no one is in immediate danger, it's sometimes better to back off to keep the situation from escalating. 

"[We've] certainly encountered times when we have to defend ourselves, but we also will back off and show some restraint when we can. Fortunately, this is one of those situations that could've turned into something very bad and it did not," said  Sgt. Charlie Taylor.

Police say the woman eventually returned to the home. Officers planned to go back to the house on Friday to talk to the pair about what happened. 

No names have been released.

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