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Pueblo subdivision wants new water provider

Pueblo subdivision wants new water provider

PUEBLO, Colo. - People living in a Pueblo County subdivision are fed up with their water provider and they want to switch to another company.

Last weekend, residents of the Zinno Subdivision, located on the east side of Pueblo, received a letter saying each house could only use 62 gallons of water a day. The company, Joseph Corp., lifted those restrictions Tuesday, but neighbors are still worried because they haven't received anything in writing that indicates that restrictions have been lifted. They worry if they use more than 62 gallons of water a day, they could be hit with a fine.

"It runs for a while and then when something happens it's usually something big that happens and it's off for a while," said Dianne Hayhurst-Vigil, who lives in the subdivision.

"Our water goes off at very unusual times," said Patti Anaya. "We have to wait two hours for someone to drive down here from Woodland Park to get the water turned back on."

Neighbors signed a petition Friday during a neighborhood meeting saying they want to get their water from St. Charles Mesa Water District. They just found out that starting in June, their monthly water rate is going up from $50 to $92.82.

"If you use not a drop of water, you still have to pay the $92.82 every month," Anaya said.

KRDO-TV tried to contact David Stanford, the manager of Joseph Corp., and heard back from his wife. She says neighbors have been trying to break loose from Joseph Corp. for years. She says the owner of the company did not want to comment.

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