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Pueblo West student accused of creating a 'kill list' with students' names on it

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. - A student at Sierra Vista Elementary School in Pueblo West has been suspended after being accused of creating a "kill list" with other students' names on it, according to an administrator in the Pueblo County School District.

Greg Keasling, director of student services for the district, said a male student was suspended Tuesday after a teacher and students reported that he had a list with several students' names on it. Keasling said the list described how the student planned to harm and kill each student. 

Keasling said the parents of students who were on that list were notified on Tuesday. When asked how many students were on that list, Keasling would not say specifics but confirmed it was more than 10 and included male and female students.

The student accused of creating the "kill list" has been suspended for five days. Keasling will hold a hearing with him next week. At that time, Keasling will decide whether to recommend expelling him. If he recommends doing so, Keasling said the decision will then need to be approved by the school board. 

According to Keasling, it did not appear that there was an immediate danger to anyone at the school.

Keasling stressed that the accused student is innocent until proven guilty and the validity of the allegations needs to be investigated. The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident. 

About 500 students attend Sierra Vista Elementary School.

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