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Pueblo woman who says she's innocent spends 24 hours in jail

Pueblo woman who says she's innocent spends 24 hours in jail

PUEBLO, Colo. - A Pueblo woman who said she didn't do anything wrong spent almost 24 hours in jail before being released Saturday evening.

Teresa Lewis says she never imagined doing the right thing would send her to jail.

"I got bruises on my wrists from where he put the cuffs on so tight," said Lewis.

It started last summer when Lewis stepped in and stopped a domestic violence dispute in a Pueblo Wells Fargo parking lot.

"The man was beating up the woman and I stopped it by driving up with my horn blowing," said Lewis.

The Pueblo District Attorney's Office asked her to testify.  She showed up to court at 8:30 a.m. twice, but the trial kept getting postponed.  The third time, her car broke down in Colorado Springs. She was an hour late, but says she still testifed.  Pueblo police arrested Lewis Friday night.

"[The officer] said, 'Got a warrant for your arrest, no bond.  And I was like, 'wait, woah, what?' He said, 'failure to appear.' And I said, 'Woah I appeared!' And he said, 'well we got a warrant for you, we're going,'" said Lewis.

Lewis spent almost 24 hours behind bars in the Pueblo County Jail. She's out of jail, but says this isn't over.

"They put a warrant on me because I was late for the court, somebody, who's ever job it was, did not clear that after I testified. That person needs to lose their job," said Lewis.

Her husband, Allen McGowan, said the past 24 hours were terrifying as he got frantic phone calls from his wife in jail.  Lewis said other inmates labeled her a snitch for testifying against someone and she feared for her life. She requested to be put in protective custody but said her request was denied.

"I don't know how something like this could just happen, I just don't know," said McGowan.

Lewis said she will think twice about intervening in the future.

"I testified and now I got arrested because I did that.  I won't happen again. I hope no one gets hurt in front of me because I will turn my back and I've never been like that but I will be now because I see what it gets you," said Lewis.

Lewis said she is so traumatized by the ordeal, she wants to move out of Pueblo.

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