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Puebloans continue looking for work

Where are the jobs?

Puebloans continue looking for work

PUEBLO, Colo. - Job creation continues to be an important issue in Pueblo. Pueblo County ended 2012 with a 10.5 unemployment rate.

Theresa Aguilar knows the importance of working hard and wants to teach her sons the value of a dollar. "If they want accessories like cell phones or computers, they need to know that we have to work for stuff like that so they know the value of it and how to take care of it," she said.

Aguilar took her two oldest sons to the Pueblo Workforce Center to apply for jobs. They're just two of the more than 15,000 people who have turned to the Pueblo Workforce Center since January 2012 looking for work. Of those 15,000, 47 percent have found jobs.

"What we're seeing is incremental increases in the number of job openings, especially in the area of manufacturing," said Diana Esquibel, supervisor of the Pueblo Workforce Center.

Esquibel says 22 to 49 year olds make up the largest group of job applicants. Twenty-three-year-old Emery Thomas says he's applied to nearly 40 jobs in about a month and has only heard back from one.

Thomas said, "The construction out here is just minimal for everyone so trying to find something has work and I'm willing to do anything."

Clinton Stevens accompanied Thomas to find a job. "Just trying to find another job. I mean the part time, you know, it's okay but I'm trying to support myself and trying to get my life started really," Stevens said.

Meanwhile, Aguilar is hopeful her sons will find summer jobs. She says as a single mom, having her sons employed will bring financial stability to her family.

"It will help us catch up a lot on our bills," Aguilar said.

Jobseekers should log onto www.connectingcolorado.com

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