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Puebloans pay tribute to the fallen

Puebloans pay tribute to the fallen

PUEBLO, Colo. - Dozens gathered at the Colorado Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Pueblo to remember the country's fallen military members.

Veterans from World War II to Vietnam honored friends who never returned home from war.

Salvadore Torres, a U.S. Marine, points to the name of Porfirio Solano, one of hundreds of names etched on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Torres was friends with Solano and his brother. On Memorial Day, Torres reflected on all those he knew who've lost their lives while serving.

"You know I think most veterans are a little hesitant to talk about that. I'll be honest I don't know the numbers no more," Torres said.

The ceremony was organized by Pueblo Veterans for Peace. The group, known for being against war, says its tribute is not the typical Memorial Day salute.  

"We feel that there has to be an alternative to the glorification of Memorial Day. We think that Memorial Day is a time for people to reflect on why we have to honor the military dead," said Don Bruestle, a member of Pueblo Veterans for Peace.

Bruestle, a Vietnam War veteran, says it's a time to remember the toll of war-- those who didn't come home and those who are left behind.

"I'm against war but if I have to bear arms and defend my country I will," Torres said.

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