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Queens Canyon Flood Prevention Underway

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It's a million dollar project to protect a castle. The Glen Eyrie Castle is in an area that is popular for hikers and, now, a prime spot for flooding.

The non-profit group, The Navigators, owns the castle which is now an events center. The group is working with the city to prepare for summer floods.

Glen Eyrie is one of the areas that is near the Waldo Canyon burn zone. Flooding this summer could threaten the castle, but new construction is helping ensure the historic building and Colorado Springs neighborhoods are safe.

"The experts that we have talked to have worked with us to really understand what we are about to experience. What we are about to experience should be taken seriously, and not lightly," said Jack McQueeny, the executive director of the Glen Eyrie Group.

The Navigators said the project will be done in about a few weeks, and visitors might not even be able to tell the difference.

"Once we are done, the castle will have beautiful green grass just as we have always had," said Derek Strickler, the director of operations at Glen Eyrie.

A 30 foot net placed near the Queens Canyon trails will keep large debris from damaging the castle's foundation. It will also protect nearby neighborhoods. Colorado Springs is paying for 75 percent of this project with grant money.

 "We can stop the debris that would get down into our channels which would cause further endangerment of the people, in the Pleasant Valley area especially," said Tim Mitros the stormwater manager for Colorado Springs.

Despite all of this work, the city is still asking people in the flood danger zone to be aware of the danger and have a plan. This construction is on private property, but the city says it got involved because it is downstream from the possible runoff.

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