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Quick return planned for Black Forest pet clinic

Business destroyed in recent wildfire

Black Forest Veterinarian Plans to Reopen Clinic

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - A popular veterinarian vows to reopen soon after his animal clinic burned in the Black Forest Wildfire.

Dr. Ted Mohr, 60, has owned the Black Forest Veterinary Clinic, near the intersection of Black Forest and Shoup roads, since 1994.  He purchased the clinic from the previous owner, who built it in 1985.

Mohr said he has around 4,000 clients and wants to continue the close relationship he has with them and their pets.

"I'd like to show the community that my trailer isn't packed and I'm not ready to go," he said.  "I still love what I do."

Mohr thanked the public and fellow veterinarians for their support during this time.  He said he eventually wants to rebuild at the same location but is looking for a temporary location in Black Forest.

One of his employees lost her home to the fire, Mohr said.  His staff is using an office at his home to keep in touch with clients.

Mohr's clinic was surrounded by tall trees.  It was located between a home and the town's community center.  Oddly, neither of those buildings burned.

On the day of the fire, Mohr said, he saved his computer where most of his clinic records are stored.  Around five animals were returned to their owners, he said, and three cats adopted by the clinic were taken out, as well.

One of the cats, Vinnie, now lives with Mohr.

While evacuating, Mohr said he freed a horse that had become frightened and tangled in barbed wire.  He said he and his wife went to their daughter's home in Denver.  It was there that a neighbor called him to tell him the clinic was gone.

The clinic's regular phone number of 719-495-3666 remains in service.  You can call that number for information about appointments, medications and medical records.

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