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Rain through Ute Pass makes some drivers nervous

Some fear Ute Pass drive due to rain and flood threat

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. - As the rain fell and some drivers nervously made their way down Highway 24, the Colorado Department of Transportation was keeping watch.

Bob Wilson, a spokesman for CDOT, said after two floods so far this summer -- including one that closed the highway because cars were swept away by mud -- the road safety organization is on high alert during every storm that prompts a flood watch or warning.

Wilson said CDOT had crews watching for flooding in Waldo Canyon and other crews on standby waiting to jump into action and clear the highway of mud and rocks if necessary.

Drivers we found in Teller County said it was definitely on their minds as they went through Ute Pass.

"I didn't know if we'd be able to get back home because of the  rain," said Shannon Stefan, a Cripple Creek resident who traveled to Colorado Springs Friday with her husband to sell scrap metal.

"Last week, we wanted to go to the auction and never got to it," said Thomas Stefan.

He drove through Ute Pass with one eye on the road and another on the canyon walls.

CDOT said when it's not watching for flood water, it's working to keep culverts clear of fire debris to prevent highway flooding and give drivers some peace of mind.

"That would be great if they could figure out a way to keep it from sliding into the roads and ensuring motorists that things are going to be safe on the road," said Thomas.

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