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Random acts of kindness

Rachel's Challenge. Everyone's a winner.

Random Acts of Kindness

WIDEFIELD, Colo - A big Friday at Widefield School District Three.  Special paper chains were collected at the schools in the district.  Each link on the chain represents a random act of kindness by the school kids.   I was at King Elementary when the bus and trailer pulled up to collect the massive paper chain from this school. 

Second Grader Jeffrey Brown is a proud supporter of this day without hate.  He told me some of the things he did to make this kindness chain.  He said, "One time I picked up Allison's backpack off the floor. It fell off the hook.  I've also been kind to my teacher because I'm picking up stuff that I saw was on the floor."

Fifth Grader Monet Hubbard is proud of her link to the links too, "I helped my friend when she was on crutches, carrying her tray and I helped my friend in class with his homework and his writing."

Those are some kind and smart kids that I was proud to meet.  Widefield, D-3 is the first district in every grade level to be part of Rachel's Challenge.  It's an organization that is named after the first girl who was gunned down at Columbine.  Rachel Joy Scott was a teen who always reached to others and hoped that others would do the same in their school. 

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