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Rare funnel cloud spotted

Rare funnel cloud spotted

FLORISSANT, Colo. - A sight so unexpected, Tabitha Oliver couldn't convince her boyfriend what she was seeing.

"At first it was just kind of a long cloud, then I was like is it spinning?  My boyfriend is like, no, it's not spinning," Oliver said.

But Oliver grabbed her phone anyways and began videoing a rare funnel cloud near Florissant.

"Seeing that for the first time was kind of like…whoa," Oliver said.

Meteorologist Jay Polk says there have only been three recorded tornadoes in Teller County since 1996.

"Tornadoes are not typical in Teller County at all, much less like the one we saw today," Polk said.

Polk says higher elevations have cooler and more stable air so it's less likely that a funnel cloud and tornado would form.  But it was just last July when a funnel cloud was spotted near the top of Pikes Peak.

"The one on Pikes Peak wound up being the highest ever recorded funnel cloud.  No one had ever seen a funnel cloud that elevation before," Polk said.

Fortunately tornadoes at higher elevations wouldn't bring widespread devastation.

"We're talking about EF0, EF1, the lowest numbers on the Enhanced Fujita scale," Polk said.

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