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Reaction to Frontier service cut

Planning ahead

Reaction to Frontier service cut

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Aviation Director Mark Earle is looking ahead not back to keep the Colorado Springs Airport on track to attract new business.  Tuesday, Frontier Airlines announced less cuts to different cities from the airport.   It was fueled in part by Frontier phasing out some of its aircraft that do runs from small to medium sized airports like the Colorado Springs facility. 

Aviation Director Mark Earle told me he and his staff are already shifting business models to attract new carriers, "To us the challenge is is to do the analysis to see where the opportunities are here but also to differentiate this airport from other airports, our size."  Earle says the recession led the way for carriers to change their business models which in turn helped fuel record profits that they haven't had in years. 

Earle says his staff have been doing their homework to plan for this changing business environment and be ready to hone in on what carriers need and want to come to Colorado Springs, "We know what the options are.  We know what we can do and accomplish.  The next step is to have a conversation with other business partners on the other side of the equation to see which one of those options puts us in the best way to attract new services.  We are in those conversations, right now."

Here's an f.y.i. that should grab your attention, too.  The number of passengers using the Colorado Springs airport has steadily grown from 2011 to 2012. 

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