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Rebuilding efforts damaging nearby property

Homeowner blames crews for dumping, driving over his land

Mountain Shadows Dispute Over Rebuild Construction

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Mountain Shadows homeowner claims construction crews rebuilding nearby homes are wrecking his property.

Mike Duncan has paid $25,000 in fire cleanup and is still in the planning process.   

In the meantime, construction crews hired by his neighbors are using his empty lot as a route to pick up supplies and dump off their trash.

"Right here you can see this area where they've cut through with their heavy machinery," he pointed out.

Duncan said he has put up giant boulders to keep them away.  But instead, he said the crews are just moving them.

He said workers have dumped concrete pieces, tarps and other trash on his lot.  In addition, Duncan said their trucks are ripping out soil he recently planted with seeds and cracking his sidewalks.

"Nobody is taking responsibility," Duncan said.  He added each contractor blames another crew. 

He has called the police and the City of Colorado Springs to help him but so far, nothing has changed.

KRDO News Channel 13 spoke to one of the home builders on Sunday night.  Sigi Malinowski with CC Terra Home said his company isn't the only one to blame.  Malinowski added his complaints are ridiculous and the problem has been solved.   

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