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Recall looms for gun control backer in Colo.

DENVER (AP) - Gun-rights activists have turned in petition signatures to set up the first recall of a state lawmaker in Colorado history.

The opponents of Democratic Senate President John Morse say they turned in twice as many signatures as needed Monday to put Morse back on the ballot. The Basic Freedom Defense Fund said it turned in 16,046 signatures, and only needs 7,178 to push the recall effort through.
Morse backed a series of gun-control measures signed into law earlier this year. He's become a national focus of efforts to push back against lawmakers from moderate districts who support ratcheting back gun rights. The Morse recall campaign attracted volunteers from other legislative districts and donations from across the country.

During a press conference in Colorado Springs, Morse said he doubts many of the signatures on the petition are valid.

"We know from watching their Facebook page that lots of those signatures came from outside the district. There is no question you can find 16, 000 people that disagree with me in the state, but there is a question about whether you can find them within my district," said Morse.
The Colorado Secretary of State has 15 business days to verify signatures.
Gun-rights activists are seeking to recall another Democrat, a senator from Pueblo. Signatures in that effort aren't due until next week.

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