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Recall process could take months

Recall Process Takes Months

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Sen. John Morse has about a year left in the Senate, so why is the group trying to oust him willing to spend so much of your money on a recall?

The Durango-based Basic Freedom Defense Fund said  it's sending a message, but Morse said the group is just looking for a feather in its cap.

Despite the recall effort, Morse continues to defend his support of gun legislation.

"Ground zero is here in Colorado Springs, and the issue is whether or not people should die needlessly from gun violence," said Morse.

Recall elections cost 250,000 taxpayer dollars, and Morse supporters say the gun activist group is wasting taxpayer dollars.

In a statement BFDF spokesperson Anthony Garcia said, "Exercising our rights to choose our representatives and hold them accountable shouldn't be held hostage by a minority worried about the cost... If (voters) considered exercising their rights a waste of money then they wouldn't have signed."

The group collected enough signatures, and even if they are validated, the recall election won't happen overnight.

Here is the process:

  1. Morse would have a chance to challenge the signatures.
  2. There would be a hearing where both sides can argue their viewpoints.
  3. Then the governor would pick a date for the recall.

The bottom line is that if a recall election happens it wouldn't be until mid October.

The El Paso County Republicans said they are prepping for the possibility of a Morse recall election.

If Morse is recalled, a Republican from Senate District 11 has the chance to take his place.

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