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Reconstructing I-25 through Pueblo takes time

PUEBLO, Colo. - The stretch of I-25 through Pueblo has the highest accident rate in the state, but it hasn't been reconstructed since it was completed in the 1950s.

"The oncoming ramps are so short," said Zac Barela. "They don't give you no time to merge over and it causes a lot of accidents, a lot of pile-ups."

For 10 years, engineers at the Colorado Department of Transportation have been studying the environmental impacts of expanding the interstate. They've looked at nearly 900 properties near there, from homes to wetlands to see how construction would affect them. It's a study they're required to do by the federal government.

"Some people might say that's a long time. We're right on average with other planning studies that have gone on across the state. It has been a long time but we're right on track," said Joe DeHeart, a CDOT engineer.

CDOT points to several design issues along the segment of I-25 through Pueblo, including aging bridges, narrow lanes, and sharp curves.
"We've grown by leaps and bounds but roads- they haven't changed yet," said James Walters, who lives in Pueblo.

The first phase of construction on I-25 in Pueblo is set to start in December. It's to replace the bridges at the Ilex interchange.

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