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Regional Stormwater Control resolution passes

Stormwater resolution passes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It's a new attempt to try and fix a decades old problem.

"We need to solve this storm water issue with the whole region.  Water flows down hills, it knows no boundaries, be they real or political," said Colorado Springs City Councilman Val Snider.

Snider was one of seven on the Colorado Springs City Council to approve a joint resolution calling with El Paso County Commissioners for a regional stormwater control authority.

Downstream, Pueblo County Commisioner Sal Pace says he just wants something tangible to be done, and soon.

"The only thing we care about here in Pueblo is that they get their act together up North and they get stormwater taken care of," Pace said.

Opponents say the regional plan is going to create a needless layer of government that won't be accountable to voters.

"Means you can't elect the people that are spending your money, you can't recall the people that are spending the money because they aren't elected officials.  This is an unaccountable new layer of government," said Doug Bruce.

Councilman Snider says the plan is to have something on the ballot for voters in November of 2014.

Also the council unanimously approved a resolution to seek outside legal counsel for stormwater issues.  Several council members said they weren't being represented by the City Attorney.

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