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Rep. Lamborn withholding pay until impass ends

RAW: Rep. Doug Lamborn answers viewer questions about shutdown

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Congressman Doug Lamborn is in the middle of a 36-hour visit to Colorado.  He made the trip home shortly after voting in favor of a House bill that promises to reimburse federal furloughed employees for lost wages.

"I've pledged I will not get paid until this is resolved.  My pay will be withheld like other federal employees so I can share their same situation," said Lamborn.  The congressman said he has also drafted a bill that would allow federal employees to go back to work during the impasse.

During his short trip, he answered many of our viewers questions from Facebook for KRDO's Jaclyn Rostie.

1.  What have Republicans accomplished by the shutdown?

"We haven't accomplished as much as I would like.  We tried our best to repeal Obamacare.  That is not good for our country," he said.

2.  This district is hugely impacted.  It doesn't seem he has our best interests, welfare at heart.  (Lauren) I just came off a six week furlough, now no paycheck.  How are people supposed to survive this way?

"I would like for her to be back at work right now.  I fought back with the secretary of defense.  That's is why I'd like to see federal employees paid retroactively and that's is why I have a bill to get them on the job now and paid now as well," said Lamborn.

For the full raw interview, click on video link.

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