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Rep. Tipton meets with communities about heroin

Rep. Tipton meets with communities about heroin

PUEBLO, Colo. - Rep. Scott Tipton has been traveling throughout Southern Colorado speaking to communities about the heroin and opioid addiction that many of them, including Pueblo, are facing.

Tipton met with community leaders Friday in Pueblo. They spoke to him about the concerns that they are seeing with heroin and prescription drug abuse.

The participants in the roundtable discussion gave Tipton suggestions, including one about more funding for educational opportunities for children so they know how harmful the drugs can be.

Tipton says he will take these ideas back to Congress and to see what can be done to help people in Colorado.

"To be able to get the resources, response mechanisms, back to our state, back to our communities, to where we'll hopefully see some positive outcomes," Tipton said.

He is currently working in Washington D.C. on 18 bills that would help prevent heroin and opioid addiction.

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