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Republicans face an uphill battle to change Colorado's gun laws

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Republicans are going to persuade the state legislature this week to change Colorado's gun laws.

Last summer the new gun laws went into effect banning Coloradans from purchasing ammunition magazines of more than 15 rounds.

"It should be the law gun owner's choice of what size magazine he chooses for his firearm, it should not be the government's choice," Colorado Springs Republican Sen. Bernie Herpin said.

Last week, the state legislature rejected a repeal, from Republicans, to Colorado's background checks on private and online firearm sales.

"All we're doing really is restricting the rights of these folks who would like to have their choice on how many rounds they can have for whatever purpose," Herpin said.

He said the new gun laws do nothing to keep our state safe.

"The most recent shooting we saw at Arapahoe High School the guy used a shotgun that holds five rounds he still ended up killing a person," Herpin said.

Gun owner Dan Hall feels the current state gun law regarding ammunition magazines is serving its purpose.

"You're out hunting, if you can't make your shot, if you can't make your kill in the five rounds you have in your clip, you better go back to the target range," he said.

The legislature will meet Monday and Wednesday to discuss the bill.

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