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Republicans prep for possible Morse recall election

Morse Challenges Recall Petition Ruling

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado state Sen. John Morse's supporters respond to news that the Senate president could be recalled. Backers of the recall effort oppose Morse's support of gun control. The Colorado Secretary of State's Office said organizers collected enough signatures to force an election.

The National Freedom Defense Fund is behind the effort, and it is calling this a win but isn't backing down.

Morse's attorneys are already challenging the recall petition. The petition asked if constituents wanted to recall John Morse but didn't specifically say there would be a recall election, so the language is being called into question.

Christy LeLait with A Whole Lot of People for John Morse said voters need to know the election would cost taxpayers at least $150,000.

"So we are going to spend all this money on an election now and again in 2014. Even if he were to be recalled, whoever took that seat would still have to run again," said LeLait.

Republicans in El Paso County are prepping for the possible first recall election of a state lawmaker in state history. They want a Republican in that Senate seat.

"That is our focus right now, to ensure the recall is successful. And regardless of who our candidate is, we are going to support that person," said Jeff Hayes, the chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party.

The group would not comment on whether it thought the election was a waste of money but did say it was a citizen-driven effort.

"It is certainly within their constitutional rights in the state of Colorado to do that. They showed a great deal of organization and enthusiasm," said Hayes.

Former city councilman Bernie Herpin said he will run as a Republican in the recall election.

The Freedom Defense Fund filed a similar petition against Pueblo Sen. Angela Giron. She also supported Colorado's new gun laws. The results of that recall petition are expected next week. 

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