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Rescued driver explains why she drove into water

Rescued driver explains why she drove into water

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Less than a mile from her house, 73-year-old Patricia Schafer says she was returning from a shopping trip when she pulled onto North Gate Blvd off Highway 83.

"I saw the flashing lights and the fire truck and I thought there was an accident," Patricia said.  "All of a sudden I was in this water and the water started coming into the car, flooding the car."

Schafer says the water rose as high as she was sitting.

"I called my husband and said, I'm in trouble," Patricia said.

Firefighters were able to open the car door and wade with her to safety.

Patricia says she is fine and was able to smile about the incident with her husband as they waited for her car to be towed.

Police say she won't be given a ticket...but her car is probably totaled.

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