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Residents, experts agree on lessons learned from Waldo Canyon Fire

Lessons Learned from Waldo Canyon Fire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As Colorado Springs residents head into another fire season, they take lessons learned from the past, and from the Waldo Canyon Fire. It's the subject of a report released this week.

The report was put together by the Fire Adapted Communities Mitigation Assessment Team to reduce risk of damage and loss.

Its findings reveal the following, as the biggest lessons learned:

  • Fire spreading from home-to-home was again a major issue, as has been the case in previous wildfires, which caused a relatively large number of home losses.
  • While it is important to harden a building with noncombustible materials to make it more resistant to wildfire, it also is necessary to incorporate appropriate construction details.
  • Community leaders must recognize the value of community-wide collaboration, which is an essential component to home survival and to the creation of fire-adapted communities.
  • The community tax base is significantly impacted by the widespread damage and destruction of homes and businesses during wildfires. This has economic consequences for all residents.
  • The preparedness message is most effective when delivered by numerous parties. Public policymakers, other officials, local community and business leaders should echo the best practices provided by the Fire Adapted Communities Coalition to reinforce the need for wildfire property protection efforts at every level.

These lessons match what Mountain Shadows residents told KRDO NEWSCHANNEL 13.

Ted Stefani, who lost his home in the fire, said he used more resistant materials in the construction of his new home.

"This house, as opposed to the last, (which) had wood siding, this one has stucco," he said. "The previous house had a wood shingle roof, this one has a composite."

Other residents said the community is working together to help each other have safer homes.

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