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Residents: Personal Responsibility Important in Emergency

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Don't wait on a phone call. You have to watch out for your own life. That's what some Colorado Springs residents said about disasters like the Waldo Canyon fire.

Better communication and more training, are two big things Colorado Springs needs to work on, so that it may be prepared for the next emergency. That's according to the after action report released on Wednesday.

Despite the report's findings, one man said the city did a good job.

"They still evacuated 26,000 people in an orderly manner. Basically there has to be personal responsibility involved in that. Look out the window and see what's happening. If it looks like it's getting too close to me, I get out," said Terry Fitzgerald.

He's not the only one, Alex Hewett said he was evacuated, and feels the city should use this as a learning experience.

"The fire came very fast, and it took over a lot of houses before people could even realize it, but I think there could have been better communication," said Alex Hewett.

As for the investigation, Police Chief Pete Carey said investigators are nowhere closer to figuring out who caused the fire, or even if it was set on purpose or by accident. All they know is that it was human caused.

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