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Residents, police practice fire evacuating procedures

Neighbors practice wildfire evacuation


Residents of the Upper Skyway neighborhood participated in the Wildland Fire Evacuation Drill Saturday to prepare for the possibility of a wildfire this summer.

Participants received phone notifications and officers also went door-to-door, letting them know they needed to evacuate, as part of the simulation.

"We're in a drought, it's starting to become wildland fire season so we want them to get prepared, to have a plan, and to have an idea of what they're going to do if they receive a mandatory evacuation order," said Lt. Sean Mandel, from the Colorado Springs Emergency Management team.

After the evacuation simulation, nearly 200 of the participants gathered at the Police Operations Center to discuss the exercise. They gave police feedback, asked questions, and shared what they learned.

Some of the key points from the meeting were to have a fire plan, communicate with family, remember to think about the pets and be alert for evacuation notices from more than one source.

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