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Return and reintegration at Fort Carson

Reintegration Training

Return and reintegration at Fort Carson

FORT CARSON, Colo. - It's been a busy month at the Mountain Post. Hundreds of soldiers have returned from overseas deployments. Reintegrating into family life isn't always easy.

Fort Carson has a program called "Reintegration Training". For 10 days straight, Fort Carson soldiers focus on finding their way back into family life.

The Carney family reunited once again Monday afternoon (10/21/13). Maj. Avery Carney has been overseas for nine months. This was his third deployment.

"It's so hard to be away from the family and especially my daughters when they're so small," said Maj. Carney.

Now that he's back home, he'll have more than a week of training to help him and his family get reacquainted.

"You have to take it slow and have realistic expectations," said Maj. Avery.

They are expectations that getting back to 'normal' won't happen overnight.

"There's an abundance of different resources available to soldiers," said Maj. Avery, from family life consultants to behavioral health services to couples therapy for he and his wife.

"It's important to remember the goal of being one family and just adjust," said Anastasia Carney.

They're able to adjust with help from the post along the way.

"It helps us have a foundation and helps everybody interact with the families and the soldiers," said Maj. Carney.

Luckily, there's a little interaction overseas thanks to technology.

"Definitely a blessing to have internet and to have Skype and be able to see each other," said Anastasia.

And for families who are welcoming new members...

"I've seen him on Skype and everything and talking to her," said 1st Lt. Loren Fossum.

Nothing beats real world interaction.

"I can't believe it. He's so perfect," said 1st Lt. Fossum

All it takes to adjust is quality time together.

"Our leader is back," said Anastasia.

The Carney family is going to Disneyworld in a few weeks. It's a wonderful way for them to bond and become a family again.

Reintegration training has been a part of Fort Carson's programs since 2004.

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