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Returning resident says it's time to help neighbors

More evacuations being lifted in Black Forest

Evacuee Returning the Community Support

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - As more evacuations are lifted in Black Forest, people who were evacuated are thankful to be returning home and getting back to their regular routines.

Curt Matson said he and his wife went back home Sunday night, as soon as they received a notice saying they could.

"We were wondering what it was going to look like around here afterward," he said. "(We're) very pleased that you can't even tell there was a fire around here."

Matson's home was untouched. All around his property, the trees are standing and the flowers are blooming. The only thing that suffered was his home improvement business.

"I had no tools to do any work, I didn't have a pair of pliers to do any work, so I'm stuck." he said.

He's glad to be able to get back to work and to his routine. But he knows not everyone can. So he wants to help those who weren't so lucky.

"We'd like to offer our help for anybody that needs help, some place to stay or whatever, to get through this," he said.

He's returning the support many gave him while he was on evacuation. He said even people he'd never met before offered a helping hand.

"There's a new process to start here," he said. "This whole community has gone through quite a bit, but we're a tight-knit community and we'll get through this."

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