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Reviewing sex offender community notifications

Authorities, residents discuss value of meetings

Reviewing SVP Notifications

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - With sex offender community notifications seeming almost routine these days, KRDO NewsChannel 13 asked whether such alerts are losing public interest and still necessary.

About 25 people attended a community notification on Thursday night in Green Mountain Falls.  They were informed about a sexually violent predator who was released from prison on Monday and has moved to the area.

Jeffrey Brosh, 39, served a four-year sentence for sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust.  Authorities said in 2006, he gave alcohol to a 12-year-old victim, showered with her and had sex with her.

Brosh is living at 9125 Canyon Drive near the Teller County line.  He's living in a Christian rehabilitation home with two other sex offenders, according to authorities.

"There's a lot (fewer) people here than I anticipated or expected," said Nicole Disch, a resident who attended the meeting.  "But I got my questions answered.  I think these meetings are worthwhile.  I felt obligated to make sure I was here, and see who's living near us."

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said the meetings are required by law, but that he would conduct them even if they weren't required.

"The public can become numb to it," he said.  "But it's about joining the public in a team effort to protect the community.  If (offenders) do step out of line, law enforcement can respond.  I think that's the value in it.  It's beneficial for these offenders to know they're being watched."

Authorities answered questions and provided information during the hour-long meeting.   

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