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Robbery suspect who jumped into the Arkansas River identified

Police say suspected thief was taunting officers before going into the river

Police: Robber missing after jumping into Arkansas River

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo Police have released new information about a credit union robbery suspect who disappeared after jumping into the Arkansas River Thursday (7/17/14).

The man has been identified Jeffrey Cathcart, 40.

Police released a photo of Cathcart that they said they took as he was taunting officers before he jumped into the water.

The robbery was reported at 1:57 p.m. and happened at the Security Service Federal Credit Union in the 300 block of East Abriendo Ave.

On Friday, police explained how Cathcart apparently robbed the credit union.

"He handed (the teller) a check," said Sgt. Eric Gonzales.  "On the back side of it, there was a note written that threatened the teller with her safety."

Police said they chased Cathcart down the river trail. Then, officers told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that Cathcart jumped into the river near the Santa Fe bridge, just above the spillway near the walking bridge. 

Investigators said Cathcart then swam to a concrete pillar in the middle of the river where he began taunting officers before taking off his shoes and jumping into the spillway.

Officers said they saw him come back to the surface briefly before quickly being swept into the undertow. They say he never resurfaced.

The fire department's water rescue team spent hours canvassing the river on Thursday and Friday but haven't found Cathcart.

"Obviously we see the result in that he didn't survive. The water is not as fast as it's been throughout the year but it's still plenty fast enough," said Pueblo assistant fire chief Shawn Shelton.

Shelton said it could take rescue teams several days to find the body. Muddy runoff flowing into the river from Fountain Creek will make the search more difficult.

"There's no way you're going to see anything in the water unless something would actually float up to the top," he said.

Police didn't say whether the search for Cathcart will continue this weekend.

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