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Rock slide at Ute Pass

Boulders no longer blocking one lane of Highway 24


Ute Pass, CO - One lane of westbound US 24 was closed, one mile west of Manitou Springs at Ute Pass due to a rockslide.  Approximately nine rocks fell into one lane of Highway 24 - some are 10 feet X 10 feet X 3 feet.  It was reopened at 10pm after crews cleared the mess off the highway.

There was concern that if the rocks couldn't be moved, the lane will remain closed overnight, but that didn't happen. The rocks were pushed to the shoulder, and cars were able to get by.

Experts evaluated  the slope in the morning to see if there are additional unstable rocks. They did find some boulder that will be removed in the next few weeks to avoid another rockslide.

The rocks will remain on the shoulder of the road until Friday. CDOT will work to break them down and remove them that day.

Video is courtesy of viewer Richard Williams.

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