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Romney's Pick of Ryan Excites Republicans, Worries Democrats

Romney's Pick of Ryan Excites Republicans, Worries Democrats

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - With less than 3 months until the November election, Mitt Romney chooses his running mate, Representative Paul Ryan.

The 42-year-old is a seven-term U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin.

The announcement came on Saturday.

While Colorado Republicans are cheering, Democrats are wasting no time, saying his budget cutting agenda will harm seniors, students and the middle class.

"Personally I'm scared of it.  I think this in many ways is scarier than the (Sarah) Palin selection four years ago," said former El Paso County Democratic Party chairman John Morris.

Morris fears Ryan's medicare restructuring plan will hurt seniors.

"The idea to if we somehow cut taxes, remove government participation in these programs that somehow the private sector, free market or somebody will come to the rescue of these people left out there hanging ... I think things that are really important cannot be left to the vagaries of the marketplace," he said.

Republican Representative Doug Lamborn is praising Romney's choice, issuing the following statement:

"My friend and colleague Congressman Paul Ryan will make an outstanding vice president. Having worked closely with him to pass a budget that will put our country on a path to prosperity, I am confident in Ryan's ability to help turn our country around," he said.

Lamborn goes on to say, "America is at a critical crossroads. We desperately need a team in the White House that understands how to put our country on a path to prosperity. The Romney-Ryan team inspires confidence. I believe in their ability to rebuild America's middle class."

Colorado Republican Committee Chairman Ryan Call also issued a statement on Saturday regarding Romney's selection:

"Congressman Ryan is a bold and inspirational choice for Vice President. He is an intellectual leader of the Republican Party with the right experience and vision to reverse the failed economic policies of President Obama."

"As Chairman of the House Budget Committee and sitting member of the House Ways and Means Committee, he is intimately aware of the fiscal realities that confront America and is well-equipped to help Governor Romney put Americans back to work, both here in Colorado and across the nation."

Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod tells CNN that Ryan's selection "is meant to thrill the most strident voices in the Republican Party," but should trouble the middle class, seniors and students.

Representative Ryan will stop in Colorado this week. He will be in Cherry Creek Monday night for a fundraiser and will host a rally at Lakewood High School on Tuesday.

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