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Roofing scam in southern Colorado

Roofing scam in southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A new scam in southern Colorado is using your roof to get information about you. 

The caller claims to be with the Home Solutions roofing company.

The phone calls are constant and harassing, according to Beth Eisenbraun.

"After I told him, 'No, this conversation is done' and I hung up, he called back right away," she said.  "I hung up again and he called back again."

Eisenbraun told KRDO Newschannel 13 that he even threatened to call her three times a day then show up at her house and get on her roof to do the inspection.

Carol Odell with the Better Business Bureau said these actions should all be a sign.

"All red flags.  You don't want to do business with anyone like that and its a concern for her that she is being bothered and threatened," said Odell.

The BBB searched their database for the company Home Solutions and came up with over 300 of them registered across the country. 

Odell said consumers being harassed by scammers should call the police.

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