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Rose Acuragi's family wants you to know more about her

Woman killed in accident

Rose Acuragi's family wants you to know more about her

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The family of Rose Acuragi is mourning her loss after Monday's deadly traffic accident near North Carefree and Picturesque Drive.  She and Rebecca Robinson were crossing the street and were hit by a car.  Robinson's young child is recovering in the hospital. 

54 year old Rose Acuragi was a single mom of three grown children and had four grandchildren.   I asked her daughter, Danielle Christensen to give me three words to describe Rose.  She told me, "Strong, devoted and loving.  She loved everybody."  Danielle also told me as a single mom, Rose, "Never let us know she was struggling.  She made it seem like we were the richest family  on earth.  We had everything we need."

Rose's father, Richard Coulier described his daughter this way, "She just enjoyed life. She was a good girl.  She was working toward getting a bachelor's degree in accounting.  I am going to miss her." 

Rose's father and her daughter agree on one thing, it was a tragic accident and they don't blame for the driver for Rose's death.  Danielle said, "I understand accidents happen and I don't hate you.  I have no anger. You have to live everyday with the guilt that it happened.  I am sorry for your guilt.

The family also agrees on another important point.  They want city traffic to do something about what they think is a potentially dangerous intersection to prevent another family from going through a similar tragedy.  Engineers told me that they are looking at possibly safety improvements. 

Rose Acuragi didn't have insurance to pay for her funeral arrangements which include cremation.  Her family has set up an account for donations at Wells Fargo.  You can donate at any branch.

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