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Runners dodge barbed wire, hurtle over fire at annual Spartan Race

Spartan Race draws hundreds to Fort Carson

FORT CARSON, Colo. - Runners took on Spartan Race's 4-mile challenge at the Mountain Post Saturday. The first wave of runners took to the course at 8 a.m.

Almost 9,000 runners were expected to run the race Saturday and Sunday at Fort Carson.  Spartan Race hosts 60 events around the globe. The group said it's race at the mountain post is unique. It's almost doubles the number of obstacles runners face for its Military Sprint. It also says Army Special Forces help design some of the obstacles.

"I'm not nervous because I'm out here having fun. I know I'll finish," said runner Amy Barnish at the starting line.

Megan Fowler recently returned from Afghanistan. While she was deployed, her comrades raved about the Spartan Run. She drove from Kansas for the race.

"I am a little bit nervous because some of the obstacles are going to be difficult and then of course the altitude thing," said Fowler.

Runners jumped over moats and climbed walls slick with mud. Runners get bashed by Spartan Race workers before crossing the finish line.  If the obstacles aren't enough, volunteers order runners to do burpees along the way.

Isiah Vidal,20,  finished the race first.

"The race was more mental for me, and I knew if I didn't push myself as much as I can I wouldn't be able to finish," said Vidal.

One father and son crossed the finish line together.

"I enjoy it. We enjoy it. We get down to the bottom and we attack the Spartans together and it's a blast. We enjoy it. We'll do it every year," said father Cory Hartman.

The barbed wire and fire didn't scare off participants. Many runners said they'll be at the starting line next year.


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