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Rural Pueblo school district faces more cuts if Amendment 66 fails

Debate continues on if tax payers are willing to accept the increase

Impact of Amendment 66 on rural Pueblo School District

PUEBLO, Colo. - If voters approve Amendment 66, school districts across Colorado would get nearly a billion dollars.  The money would be used by districts to cut down on class sizes, provide things such as full-day kindergarten and enhance opportunities for gifted and at-risk students.

Pueblo School District 70 Superintendent Ed Smith said it would boost their budget per student by $825.

"The funding would help us tremendously.  It will take us back to pre-recession levels," said Smith.

Smith said the district has already made huge cutbacks including going to four-day school weeks.  He worries if the amendment fails, they will need to make even more cuts.

"There are 178 school districts in the state of Colorado.  Of those two (Pueblo School District 70 and Canon City School District) sit at the bottom of the funding formula," Smith said.

Proponents say it will cost the average household $133 more a year. 

The money factor is a big concern for some of our viewers on FACEBOOK. 

Elke Jennings wrote," No more taxes."

Stephanie Sandoval wrote," I will vote against it.  The Public Schools already get 43 percent of Colorado revenue."

On the other side, Michelle Morgan wrote, "I'm voting yes ... we need to get back to how school was 20 plus years ago."

Erin Fisher wrote, "I'd happily pay $133 a year to give our kids a chance at a better education."

Pueblo School District 60 would get an increase of $904 per student if the amendment passes.

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