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RV Park owner, residents survive close encounter with tornado

RV Park owner, residents survive close encounter with tornad

LAKE GEORGE, Colo. - People who took shelter at Lake George Cabins and RV Park survived a close encounter with Sunday's tornado.

The RV park fell into the tornado's path.  It flipped RVs, tore down trees and threw cars.  Owner Heide Gleghorn ran inside seconds before it hit. One man was inside his RV as it rolled in the strong winds. No one was injured in the high altitude twister.

Heide Gleghorn purchased the property with her husband Rob Gleghorn a year ago.  They left their dream home, pooled their assests and invested in renovations. Heide Gleghorn said she saw the property as a 'gem in the rough' and was confident the couple could bring the charming property back to life.

"We were trying a new adventure," said Heide Gleghorn.

The storm damaged newly renovated cabins and uprooted prominent trees on the property. When Rob Gleghorn first saw the property after the storm hit, he wondered what to do next.

"All the money we just put into renovations and I was like 'gosh, did we just flush that all down the toilet,'" said Rob Gleghorn.

Heide Gleghorn, her mother, her friend and people working on the property were huddled inside the main lodge when the tornado touched down.

"It was just huge booming sounds. Like incredible sounds that were just so terrifying. It seemed like it went on for minutes and minutes but I think it was just seconds," said Heide Gleghorn.

"It happens fast, you know? One minute the sun was shining and the next minute we were all running for cover," said worker David Joiner.

Joiner has spent months helping the Gleghorns with renovations.

"I feel bad for them because we have done so much on this place," said Joiner.

Heide Gleghorn still has hope.

"I'm just so thankful we are all ok and I know God is going to do something amazing with this," said Heide Gleghorn.

The National Weather Service will assess the damage in the coming days.  After that, they will assign a rating for this tornado.


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