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Safe2Tell and its role to stop bullying

Silence the Violence

Safe2Tell and its role to stop bullying

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The National Football League is investigating reports of Miami Dolphins star Jonathan Martin fearing for his life because of extreme bullying at the hands of other Dolphins players.  Martin came clean about his experience.  Dolphins guard Richie Incognito is also accused of directing racial slurs at Martin.  Incognito has been suspended indefinitely by the team.

The NFL has a history that includes rookie hazing.  Some believe that Martin's experience has taken that to a whole new level.  Martin is a second year player.   

Safe2Tell is an organization devoted to silencing the violence in and outside schools and workplaces.   Safe2Tell's Natasha Sansoni's reaction to Martin speaking up, "There is a code of silence when it comes children speaking out and there is also that same code of silence among adults and community members.  I think it's important for adults to remind kids and themselves that we should never stay silent about things that matter."

Since the organization's birth in 2004, there has been a dramatic jump in the number of reports of bullying to the organization.  Just this year there have more than 22-hundred reports of bullying to Safe2Tell.   Natasha Sansoni tells me all the reports which can be anonymously called in or emailed in are answered by the Colorado State Patrol.  She says it's important work to help others, "Every single report touches my heart.  At night when I go to bed, I know that we are helping."

Safe2Tell's hotline number is 877-542-7233 (SAFE).   Click here for the organization's website. 

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