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Sandbagging confusion in Mountain Shadows

Sandbagging confusion in Mountain Shadows

Many residents in neighborhoods impacted by the Waldo Canyon burn scar have opted to protect their property using sandbags.

There have been several events distributing sandbags throughout the community, but some residents say they were never told exactly what to do with the bags.

"Nobody's telling us what to do. So, it's all up to us and that makes it really hard," said Mountain Shadows resident, Marit Knutsen.

According to the city of Colorado Springs, there are a few things to keep in mind when placing sandbags around impacted property.

Todd Sturtevant, Sr. Engineering Inspector for Colorado Springs, said residents should not block sidewalks and roadways with sandbags.

"You don't want to block the sidewalks for pedestrian traffic or in the street for traffic safety so cars at night aren't hitting them, creating a traffic hazard in the public right-away," said Sturtevant.

Sturtevant said people also need to be aware of where they are diverting the water to, and ensure they are not ushering the water onto their neighbors property. Property owners could be found liable for damage to adjacent property .

Water diversion is not only a result of sandbags, according to Alan Romero. Romero lives in the Mountain Shadow neighborhood, and said recently a parked car diverted water away from the street.

"Where the tires were parked at, the water wasn't flowing down the street. They tire was causing it to flow up into the sidewalk into the nearby yard," said Romero.

Romero said the neighborhood home owners association located the owner of the car, and requested it be removed.

The city said they are working to inform residents about these rules, to ensure everyone stays safe and protected while complying with the city's regulations.

According to SpringsGov.com, "If the sediment and erosion control measures are not in place or maintained properly and causing impacts on public safety, property or water resources, the City Engineering Inspector will use enforcement methods established by City Code."

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