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Saturday night's roads still treacherous for some drivers

Saturday night's roads still treacherous for some drivers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A slick and slow day on Saturday carried over into the evening for drivers around Southern and Eastern Colorado.

"Take it slow out there.  Most of the roads are good but up north, if you see anything shiny, be careful of it, especially with the temperatures tonight," said Colorado Springs' Streets Operations Manager, Amaro Montemayor.

One driver said it's been a rough day on the roads.

"This morning I slide out a couple of times, it was pretty bad, before they got packed down and everything, that fresh powder just making the car really slide," said Eric Onley.

Icy roads and poor visibility caused accidents around Colorado Springs. CDOT shut down Highway 24 between Calhan and Limon because of adverse conditions.

While it's proved to be a headache for drivers, Ryan Hjelnstad has enjoyed the onslaught of snow over the past couple weeks. Hjelnstad and his team worked since 10 a.m. shoveling snow and didn't expect to finish until midnight.

"It's something different.  Not many people get to opportunity to do this so it's pretty fun," said Hjelnstad.

Montemayor said the city will have plows on the streets tomorrow. He warned drivers to take it slow if they will be out on the streets too.

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